True Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mother

Every stay at home mother has a few confessions that she would rather keep to herself. But bring in anonymity and there are some surprising (and funny) revelations! We spoke to some to stay at home mothers to children of varying ages and came up with some gems that will have you smiling, if not rolling with laughter.

So, here goes!

  1. The nights that my husband is away on tours, I sleep with a hammer under the bed and my neighbor’s phone number on speed dial, in case somebody broke in and I had time only to press one number.
  2. Sometimes when I switch on the TV, it is set to Disney Junior channel and I secretly enjoy watching it even when my kids are not around.
  3. I have become so used to 5 minute showers that even now when my kids at 12 and 14 respectively, I bathe as furiously as I did when they were toddlers.
  4. When my child asks me to read the same story book 10 times in a row, I actually hide it.
  5. I use frozen food for my kids tiffin sometimes
  6. I let my toddler watch TV when I need some alone time.
  7. When asked what do I do the whole day with a baby, I feel like wringing the other person’s neck.
  8. My cleaning schedule depends on when we are expecting guests
  9. I sometimes spend the day in pajamas. Don’t shower or clean the house till it is time for my husband to get home
  10. Sometimes I feel how to other mothers do it all so easily? But then there’s something called “Faking it till you believe it” Maybe they fake it better than I do.
  11. I’m the kind of mother who forgets to make her kid wash his hands before meals and brush his teeth before sleeping
  12. If my daughter goes for a swim, that totally counts as a bath
  13. I let my kids eat everything!
  14. When my husband said he wouldn’t be able to change the nappy of our baby because he doesn’t like the smell, that night I shoved a used nappy under his pillow just to teach him a lesson. As if I like the smell!

Do you have any confessions that you would like to share?!