Ways to Ease Your Child off their Habit of Nail-Biting

Ways to Ease Your Child off their Habit of Nail-Biting

Your child could be biting their nails for a variety of reasons – when concentrating on anything important, when anxious about something, when lost in thought, or even as an unconscious habit. The important fact to remember is not to worry for there are numerous ways you can ease them off this habit. 

It is essential to first identify the reason why your child is biting their nails and based on the reason (as mentioned above) appropriate remedial measures can be taken. Let us take a look at 4 such measures. 

  1. Making a Conscious Effort

If the reason for your child’s nail-biting is – concentration on certain tasks, being lost in thought or an unconscious habit, then the remedy is to first make them aware of this unconscious action of theirs. After explaining to them the reasons why they should overcome this habit, gently point it out every time you see them doing it. This constant reminder will make them more aware of their actions and get them to make a conscious effort to overcome it. 

  1. Activities

Another method is to get your child involved in activities that will keep both their mind and hands occupied, thus reducing the frequency of nail-biting. 

  1. Reassuring Talk

If you notice that your child starts biting their nails when anxious about certain situations or issues, then encourage them to confide in you. Opening up about their anxieties and knowing you are there for them will go a long way in reassuring them and thereby help them in overcoming their nail-biting habit.

  1. Periodically Cutting their Nails

Cutting your child’s nails on a regular basis also helps curb their nail-biting. Additional home remedies like neem juice or bitter gourd juice applied on the fingertips will also act as a deterrent. 

In this way with your support your child will definitely overcome their nail-biting habit.