Ways to Make Vacation With Kids Memorable

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

       Jawaharlal Nehru

When does someone get bitten by the travel bug? When monotony sets in and frequent outbursts of frustration build up within the family or work, all one can think of is a getaway. A vacation is a means to freshen up, energize and rejuvenate, and off-late people look forward to it. 

When children are with you, vacations are fun and far more exciting as they know how to garnish it best. Though all holidays may not work according to plans, there are ways in which you can make quickly curated ones  memorable for your children.


Have a pre-trip discussion along with children to spark excitement. Watch how children would add features to all your plans. For instance, when you say, “we can go swimming” children will give you an array of reminders like “take your swimming goggles”, “don’t forget the cap”, and “let’s take our duckling also?” Care and concern will have no limits because you have cleverly sown the seeds of vacation thrills.


Let your children help you with shortlisting and packing everything from dresses, snacks, medicines, laundry bags, footwear,  gifts for grandparents (if they are visiting them), and yeah..sickness bags. Allow your children to enjoy every moment, from planning the vacation to executing it.

Make Travel Time Exciting

Whether you travel by car, train, bus, or take a flight, you should have ideas to kill time beautifully. Some children are great singers, while some love to play fun quizzes and games on the move, like “ Guess the name of the car in the front” or “ Which vehicle’s number plate has its numbers added up to give an odd number?” etc. 

It vanquishes travel boredom and keeps brains ticking at the same time. Every conversation while traveling should have a purpose, and entertainment should be the ultimate goal.


Picture albums are a great time pass and a means to unwind yourself. Click as many pictures as possible. Capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences and expressions because vacations are precious days that don’t come often. Some are painted in the heart, while others can take you back to every second of the actual time you had spent together. 

Remember to revisit your photo albums (soft and hard) once in a while to have a good laugh with your children because, Happy times come and go, but memories stay forever!