Ways to Prepare your Kids for Exams

20th (1)

Examination time is that time of the year when kids are busy cramming in all the lessons covered over a period of several months in a few hours before the exams.

It is also that time of the year when kids regret not sticking to their resolution of devoting a certain amount of time for studies every day.

Parents often complain about how exams are as much of a testing time for them as it is for their children. But can we do something to make life easier for both–children as well as their parents?

Children regard exams as a burden that should be done away with. They may have a point there, but it is also true that exams are a very important part of their academic life.

Now that the final examinations are just a few months away, this is a good time to explore the ways to get parents and students to start preparing for the exams. There isn’t a magic formula to do this right, but following points may be able to give you to formulate your own strategy.

  • First up, impress upon the kids how education is important, also how will it ensure a better future in the world and exams is a way to test their knowledge.
  • Next, take your kids into confidence and discuss with them the best way to prepare for the exams. This is important because their cooperation is vital to the success of the  plan.
  • Many children are apprehensive about not doing well in exams. Explain to them how with the right and timely preparation it is possible to do well in exams.
  • Start your preparation early and set realistic goals. Meeting those small but significant goals will further boost your child’s confidence.
  • Initiate the preparation but pass on the responsibility gradually to tell your kids that while they can depend you for moral support, the onus to do well in the exams is on them.
  • Sleep is a precious commodity and getting plenty of rest is essential to getting your child’s grey cells working efficiently.
  • Mornings are the best time for studies–start and end the day early.
  • Eating well is essential–avoid junk food, drink plenty of water, and go for fresh salads.
  • All work and no play isn’t fun–incorporate a bit of fun and games in the schedule.
  • Physical exercise and spending some time outdoors help recharge their batteries.
  • Be firm but gentle in your approach. Reward them for good work but enforce discipline when you have to.
  • Last but not least, make sure you tell your child or ensure he/she knows that learning is more important than marks. Tell them that no matter what the outcome is they will always be loved. Ask them to follow the Nishkama Karma approach of doing their duty (studying/learning) and not worrying about the results. This is the best approach not only for exams but for life too!

Parents’ role is to lend material and moral support and to make the kids aware of their responsibility. Children, in turn, will respond positively when they know they have their parents’ complete support.

Bril wishes everyone success in the examinations. Let the preparations begin now!