What Are The Diet Needs For A Twin Pregnancy?

What Are The Diet Needs For A Twin Pregnancy?Pregnant with twins and think that you’ll have to eat more than someone pregnant with one baby? It’s a myth. Even if you’re carrying twins, you’ll have the same regular, balanced diet as compared to someone carrying one baby.

Here’s what should be part of your diet:

  • Always eat fresh. Avoid pre-made, processed foods. This will help you put on weight gradually in a consistent manner and plus your babies get the right nutrients.
  • Fruits & leafy vegetables are a must. Fresh, frozen, dried or juices make sure they’re part of your everyday diet. -At least 5 portions a day.
  • High Protein intake-lean, well-cooked meat, fish, eggs, and pulses. At least 2 portions of fish a day (include oily fish) is needed. vegetarians apart from lentils you can make quinoa, beans (chickpeas, black beans), cottage cheese/paneer & soya chunks integral aspects of your diet.
  • Dairy foods like milk, cheese & yoghurt-make sure your calcium intake is good.
  • Starchy foods like potatoes, rice, pasta & ideally whole grain.
  • Water is very very important. Make sure you’re always hydrated no matter what.

Other Supplements & essentials

  • Folic acid is essential. It promotes healthy birth weight, prevents neural tube disorders & enhances liver efficiency in the fetus. You get folic acid with fruits & vegetables else you can also take supplements. Make sure you take in a daily dose of 400 mcg of folic acid.
  • For women who don’t eat fish, omega 3 supplements are good enough.
  • Mothers expecting twins are at a higher risk of anaemia, iron supplements are a big must.

So, ladies,  pregnancy is the most beautiful & cherished time for a woman. A healthy & balanced diet will ensure it stays that way through all 9 months.