What to do When Your Child is Scared of the Dentist

Dentists are angels who help us smile better. But how do we come to terms with reality when they actually drill and fill our mouths with their tools and dental products?

At least children can’t. A masked face may not be a scary figure anymore to children, but the tools, smell, and pain sometimes.

Dental clinics have aesthetically evolved beyond a child’s imagination. While some play non stop cartoons on their waiting room televisions, some have an exclusive kids area to pamper them. Half the agony taken care of, let’s discover what to do when children are scared of their dentist.

Expect Some Fuss

It’s normal for children to be cranky or clingy when they are afraid of something new. Pedodontists are great at handling your little ones. Just do what they ask you to do when you accompany your child. Some dentists make the experience so memorable that children would wait eagerly to go there the next time.

Create a Happy Mood

Before visiting your child’s dentist, give your child a good meal and keep her happy. When you have the schedule earlier, you get time to help your child feel better before the appointment.

Positive Language

Out of fear, children may ask questions about their dentist, why they should go and what they do. Try not to give details about the visit, but enough information on a happy and lighter note. 

Usually, children feel confident when they have their most trusted person around. Ensure the most trusted person accompanies your child to the dental appointment.