What To Keep In Mind While Giving Your Newborn Baby a Bath?

21stYour baby’s first bath? Here are a few guidelines that can help you make this new experience a blissful one for your little one. For the first few weeks, the newborn is given a sponge bath, the best way to clean your baby before the umbilical cord falls off.  First things first, makea list of all the supplies you need:

  • Padding – a towel or blanket
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Washcloth
  • Mild baby soap
  • Clean diaper
  • Baby towel
  1. Make sure the room you’ve chosen is warm. Keep windows and doors closed to avoid cold weather or dust.
  2. Use a flat surface to lay your baby on. And if your baby is off the ground, a safety strap is recommended. 
  3. You have to try and expose your baby as little as possible. Unwrap the towel part by part; expose only those areas you’re washing.
  4. Dip the cloth in the warm water and start from the head and move on to the outer ears, chin, neck folds and eyes.
  5. Use the soapy water for the rest of the body and diaper area. Underarms and genitals included.
  6. Dry your baby off, even between the skin folds. Put on a clean diaper and keep a towel over their head till the scalp dries off.

Some More Tips:

  • You can continue with the above steps, in a bathtub,  once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off.
  • Mild baby soap is optimal for your baby’s soft skin. Avoid moisturisers too, our baby doesn’t need them.
  • You can wash your baby’s scalp twice a week. Use baby shampoo and rinse it out using a wet washcloth.
  • The ideal temperature of the water for your baby’s bath is 98.5 Degrees F (between 37 degrees Celsius to 38 Degrees Celsius)
  • In your baby’s first year, 3 baths a week should suffice. (only if you frequently wash the diaper area)
  • Bath toys and books can make bathtime fun and less cranky. Avoid frequent bubble baths, they can dry out your baby’s skin.