Why a Homemaker is the Pillar of Our Society?

We asked ourselves a very important question…..

“Who is the Pillar of our Society?”

Is it a doctor? An engineer? An artist? A lawyer? A CEO? A teacher? An Accountant? An entrepreneur? A chef? A person from the armed forces?

While all these people contribute immense value, we were not convinced…..

We kept asking ourselves, who is the one person that is truly great, truly a pillar and to some extent is every skill rolled into one person…..

She is……

A doctor, a lawyer, a ceo, a teacher, an accountant, a project manager, an entrepreneur, a chef and many many more things rolled into one.

She forgoes her dreams to Make Living Fun for her family and the world…

She instils the value-systems in her children to ensure the world is a better place when they grow up

She has no holidays, yes, 0 holidays, but she never complains.

She has helped build some of the world’s BEST companies, coached some of the world’s best athletes…

She has been an emotional anchor – a true pillar for eons….

She is…

The Homemaker!…….often and unfairly referred to as…..’Just a Housewife…..’

It’s time for men and some working women who look down upon the homemaker to stop and think……

We know some people may be hurt by this bold statement, but we don’t care because the REAL caretaker of our society has been hurt and not been recognized for centuries now…..

We urge you to think about the superwomen in your life…….Your Mom, Your Wife, Your Sister, Your friend who has forgone a lot of her dreams to Make Living Fun for her family and for a better saner world.

Being a homemaker is a tough choice, contrary to popular belief of it being an easy one. She is today as educated and qualified as any working counterpart, but she chose to take the tougher route…..

We at Bril salute you for being The ONLY True Pillar of our global society. We need you more than ever today, tomorrow, forever…..

Thanks for Making Living Fun for us.

As a token of appreciation we have created an exclusive group on Facebook ONLY for women homemakers. It’s a place where you can meet and interact with other amazing homemakers from all over the world and make friends and connections for life! Join our exclusive group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/brilhomemakers/