Why Baby Kicks During Pregnancy Is Exciting News!

Why Baby Kicks During Pregnancy Is Exciting News!Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that pregnancy and giving birth is a beautiful journey which every woman should experience. Pregnancy is hard no doubt, it can get uncomfortable as time passes, the body undergoes a lot of change, and dependency on the partner or family increases. But all this eventually leads to the most beautiful creation in the world. Little things during pregnancy do bring joy one of them is when the baby begins kicking.

Television series and movies have always celebrated the baby kicking event in times of pregnancy. And why not? Kicking of the baby not only confirms it’s presence but it’s health too.

Here are some interesting facts about the baby kicking phenomenon:

When Does The Baby Start Kicking In The Womb?

Normally, the first kick is felt after the ninth week of gestation. Some mothers feel it during the 7th week too. Ultrasound scans detect early signs of kicking.

Why Does A Baby Kick In The Womb?

Apart from signifying the development of the baby, kicking in the womb is a response to external environment  like a sound or even food eaten by the mother.

During the 20th week the fetus can hear low-pitch sounds and as time progresses the baby can hear high-pitched noises too.

The baby is introduced to different flavours, based on the food the mother eats, through the amniotic fluid in the womb. The baby expresses it’s likes and dislikes through kicking.

Why you should worry about kicks reducing prematurely?

Babies kick at least twice a day after 28 weeks, and doctor advises the mother to keep count. It’s important that the baby kicks as its signifies its healthy development. When the kicks reduce early on itself, following could be the reasons, and they’re not very good reasons!

-Maternal stress or nutritional deficiency: The mother’s emotional & physiological conditions are important for the baby’s health. Mothers are advised to drink a lot of water and  walk around or be involved in some minor physical activity to encourage the baby’s movements. What the mother eats is integral for the baby’s brain development. So superfoods like dry fruits, millets and other highly nutritious foods recommended by the doctor are a must.

-Fetal hypoxia: Oxygen getting cut off is grave for the fetus and this can cause different complications, like, premature rupture of the amniotic sac slows down the flow of the amniotic fluid and reduces baby’s movement. Fetal Hypoxia can caused by placental abruption, which reduces blood flow & oxygen flow to the fetus.

So mommies, keep count and take care of yourselves:)

Studies show that the kicking phenomenon is an indicator of subsequent child behaviour.

Interesting right? But that’s a topic for another time!