Why Good Sleeping Habits Are Important

Why Good Sleeping Habits Are Important‘Early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy, wealthy & wise’ is not just a proverb but a universal truth. Studies have proven time and again that sleeping and waking up early has physiological and psychological benefits.

Some are given below:

  • The mind & body are fresh to receive and respond.
  • You get time to exercise and stay healthy
  • Sleep quality improves
  • You’ll be calmer & less stressed during the day
  • You’ll get more done in a day-productivity is top-notch!
  • You won’t feel fatigue easily and will accomplish with ease

Now you would think why is all this important for toddlers or young children; since they have no responsibilities or chores to perform. Well, they might not have responsibilities but a good sleeping & waking habit is an indicator of a good lifestyle. The faster you inculcate it in your child, the better!

Here are some benefits of getting your kids to bed early:

  • They wake up fresh & less cranky
  • You get time for yourself and your sleeping pattern is enhanced
  • They can focus on activities the next in a calm & composed manner
  • They will be less distracted
  • As they grow; studying and other academic timelines will be followed well with ease
  • They grow up to become better students
  • They eat healthy and develop the habit of exercise

So, the choice is yours dear parents-do you want couch potatoes sipping on cold drinks all day or active children bursting with energy, enthusiasm & curiosity?

It all starts with going to bed!