Why Spinach is Must-Have In Your Baby’s Diet

Why Spinach is Must-Have In Your Baby’s DietThanks to the popular cartoon show, Popeye the Sailor Man spinach was never a fuss-food for the kids who grew up in the 90s or before. However. For the kids of this generation, who’ll have to make do without Popeye, it can get a bit tricky. Now here’s why spinach needs to be a part of your baby’s diet, Popeye or no Popeye:

Benefits of Spinach

  1. Keeps the Body Hydrated: In 100g of spinach at least 91.4 g is water. This spinach water is great for the skin and hair. You can start introducing spinach in the form of a nice juicy spinach puree.
  2. Natural Deworming: Babies are very vulnerable to parasitic worms  which make the body weak, spinach fights these worms and keeps the stomach and intestines worm-free and healthy.
  3. Fights Gastric Problems: Colic and constipation, are quite common in babies who don’t have a fully matured system, and spinach is a great support when it comes to digestive issues. 
  4. Strengthens Bones and Muscles: Rich in calcium, vitamins and proteins, Spinach is the all-rounder vegetable perfect for your growing baby.
  5. Improves Immunity: The vitamin K in spinach build a body with high tolerance to parasites and bacteria. 
  6. Natural Laxative: Rich in dietary fibre, it’s perfect for babies who are vulnerable to constipation due to milk consumption. Spinach must be your go-to vegetable for any and all digestive issues.

Best Ways to Cook Spinach

Apart from the usual puree you could add some tangy zing with the tomato, sweet potato and spinach curry. 

If your little one’s a bit fussy, try the spinach and apple puree, great in taste and great for digestion.

Spinach souffle: Kill 2 birds with 1 stone in this recipe as you get your baby to have eggs and spinach without a fuss. Add some ricotta cheese, garlic and basil for flavour.

Oats, avocado and spinach-High fibre, high protein and healthy fats! Most importantly the buttery texture will be hit with your little one!