Why Stationery Lovers Love Riding The Stationery Wagon!

Why Stationery Lovers Love Riding The Stationery Wagon!Do you feel the need to use post-its on every page of a book? Are you in the habit of collecting diaries & notebooks, without intending to write in them? Do you tear up when you enter a stationery store? Well then, you are Stationery Obsessed! And, you’re not alone. So what is it with stationery obsession.

Sketch pens in various hues & shades, highlighters, writing paper of all textures and sizes, fiber tips, classic limited editions of vintage fountain pens, and other coveted stationery possessions keep the creativity flowing in people. They always are great mood changes when you’re having a bad day. They come in all kinds of colours, all kinds of textures and carry with them a promise of something new!

Stationery gives you a platform to paint your picture, write your story or just embrace that feeling of sheer purity & perfection. Stationery obsessed people will also keep the packaging intact, stack their prized darlings in the safest of places, where they usually spend some alone time. A bad day, a big decision to make, a happy day, or just the need to feel good or celebrate oneself or life? Make your way to that pristine pen of many possibilities, those galumphing, colourful post-its that ring in a free, breezy feeling, colors & hues that fill your heart with warmth, cute little paper mache or decoupage boxes with tiny paper cuttings /carvings that make turn your day right around!

Well, you might say that the technological revolution, especially the internet, has changed things. We don’t send seasonal postcards anymore, instead, we send viral Seasonal Greetings GIFs, pens have become accessories for shirt pockets and writing in diaries is not ‘cool’ anymore!

Yet, stationery can give you something which technology (however advanced!) can’t give you! The feeling that you belong. A special companionship which sets the canvas for something new & beautiful!