Worried Whether Your Children Are Getting Enough Time Outdoors


Nowadays it is quite normal to see a little child traipsing around the room knowing exactly what they are doing with those gadgets in their hands. Little ones know how to find their favourite video on the internet even before learning the English Alphabet. This is making it a task for the parents to limit their children’s usage of the internet thus endangering the concept of outdoor activities for them.

Gadgets or Gardens

With the changing times and everything going virtual, there are new apps being developed for children falling in the 8-year age bracket. It is true that some of these apps are educational and help in the development of the child among other added benefits. But, with these applications being readily available to download on to mobile devices and tablets there is fear emerging among the parents worrying them about the fact that because of this their children may not be getting the required time outdoors since the kids are hooked on to these gadgets 24/7.

Coming with their candy coated feature of being able to toggle between various games and entertainment apps once they get bored with the one in use at the moment. Today’s digital world does have a certain way of drawing the attention of children.

Now we can’t really hold the children responsible for them being constantly occupied with their gadgets. Parents are well aware of the convenience when they don’t have to clean up after the kids are done with their masterpieces. Also who wouldn’t like some free time for themselves, from their busy schedule, which is usually available when the children are absorbed into their laptops, phones, or tabs.

Getting to point of concern here – Why parents need to know and inculcate the importance of spending time outdoors in their children?

  1.    Stay Fit Naturally

Playing outdoors ensures improved physical health of the child. One of the many advantages of playing outdoors is that it makes the child’s immune system strong against any sort of illness or disease should they lead a sedentary life in future. Whilst outside with friends or pets, children tend to run, skip and jump around, these sort of activities ensure that they get their daily exercise keeping them naturally fit at that young age. Due to this the risk of childhood obesity which further leads to the risk of succumbing to heart disease at age the cases of which as studies reveal have double in the past decade.

  1.    Playground – A Place to Make New Friends

A playground is a sea of opportunities for children, it is here that they make new friends and get a chance to shine in the light of their brilliance by shunning away hindrances like shyness. They are introduced to the real world where they are faced with a myriad of personalities that are different from the ones they see on television. This in turn helps them deal with different situations accordingly, and develop various social skills like cooperation, leadership, and sensitivity to others’ needs.

  1.    Let Them Get Creative

If you are wondering how to get your child to think out of the box, you ought to ensure that they spend some time outdoors, away from the shelter of the internet. This gives them the opportunity to let their imagination run free and make playtime even more entertaining as well as challenging.

  1.    Make Them Feel Responsible

When a child knows that he/she is helping the earth live longer it instils among them, a sense of pride. Educate them as to how the lesser electricity they use the lesser the size of the carbon footprint hey will leave behind. Playing outside requires nothing but an abundant source of sunlight and enthusiasm.

Despite having so many benefits of playing outdoors it may not be possible to make building your own play area as fun as playing your favourite game online. On a lighter note, most of the pockets will be happier if children asked for toys instead of the latest gadgets in the market.  

It is indeed a task for parents to get their children to play outdoors when the technology has become so competitive, even more so with the introduction of Virtual Reality coming into the market.

Fret not dear parents, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you grab your children’s attention and get them all eager for their daily sessions in the park. You never know, the scales might just tip in favour of the outdoor games.

Try out these awesome tips and see how your children like it

  1.     A Fun Mess

Encourage your children to get as messy as possible. Pablo didn’t become Picasso by being neat and tidy. It has been said that when a child is free of any boundaries when a task is assigned is when he/she is the most creative. There is a hidden benefit for the parents also somewhere in there, you get to make new friends and also get to keep an eye on the children your kids mingle while you branch out your friend circle.

  1.    Make Your Own Fun Castle

It is always a festival when kids are allowed to play pretend, that is when you get to see the level of creativity their imagination can extend up to. Putting forth a proposal that they would get to build a fortress of their own and call it their headquarters. They have the option of keeping their identity secret at all times during their play time. You also can get creative and include a nature themed playground project which is educational and fun at the same time. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

  1.    Interest your Child

It is also essential that you take into consideration your children’s interests while helping them create a play area of their own so that they are fully engrossed in building it and have fun to the fullest when they are playing. Say for instance your child has an ear for music you can create a music wall on your fence or even keep tools that will help your child work on building his/her own instrument. You can also convert your backyard into a basketball court or surprise them with a DIY playground and organising a treasure hunt to search for their favourite toys as an added bonus.

  1.   Enjoy Yourselves

It is said that the environment the child is brought up in has a huge impact on their mental behaviour. It is important that you also take time out to go have a good time outdoors with your children. Going camping in the woods would be a good idea. You can also invite your friends over, that way your kids can make new friends while you relax and have a good chat with your existing friends.

There you have it. Give these tricks and see if the scales tip in your favour.