Learn from Your Mistakes and so will Your Child

Learn from Your Mistakes and so will Your Child Everyone makes mistakes. Granted, some mistakes are more significant than others and harder to get over, but they are a part of life. How individuals deal with those mistakes is significant to their self-esteem. Children who are taught from an early age to admit to their mistakes understand that it’s not a crime to make one, and they seem to have the ability to cope much better with them. They recognize that a mistake was made and admit the error. . Most importantly, these children also develop a strategy to change the mistake and not do the same thing again.

The process of making and learning from mistakes is an extremely valuable life skill for everyone because learning involves risking. Every time children risk, they will not always succeed. But they tried something new and most likely learned from it as a result.

Children with low self-esteem deal with making a mistake quite differently. More often than not, these children use the experience to devalue themselves. Instead of looking at the error as an opportunity to learn, these children interpret the experience as a reason to quit and never try again. They view it as a devaluing and humiliating experience.

You can help your child cope with mistakes by first making sure they understand that everyone makes mistakes, even you. Own up to your own mistakes to teach them there’s no shame in making them. Make sure they understand that it’s okay to make mistakes. This presents a great opportunity to tell your child what you’ve learned to do differently the next time. Then, offer strategies to turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

In the process, you can provide your child with an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem and accept responsibility for the mistakes they make. Help your child to realize that the mistake is the problem, and not them. Then help them develop a positive plan for the next time around, and what they’ll do differently the next time to avoid making the same mistake again.

Top 10 Tips for Hong Kong Disneyland

Source: http://www.batgung.com/disneytips

1) Do try to arrive right at the opening, and go deep into the park immediately to take a couple of the rides you’re really looking forward to. This is standard advice for amusement parks, but it really paid off for us, as a couple of the Fantasyland rides we walked right onto first thing in the morning had hour-long queues just a little later.

2) Don’t waste time taking photos with the characters that greet you at the gate as the park opens (see point 1!), unless getting such photos is one of your top priorities. If so, you’re not reading the right set of tips. Okay, okay, I aim to please: if you’re committed to posing with Mickey, have at it right away, although you’ll have lots of company. You might also consider heading straight for the ‘Fantasy Gardens’ section of ‘Fantasyland’ when you arrive, where you can pose to your heart’s content.

3) Don’t bother trying to ‘stick to a plan’ for working your way through the park. It’s so small you can change your mind anytime you want, and walk right across the place in five or ten minutes. This is actually a blessing if you’ve got small children in tow, and when you’re off to get ‘fastpasses’, which we’ll discuss next.

4) Do make use of the ‘fastpass’ system. A fastpass is a pre-booking you can make on any of five popular attractions. You put your park admission ticket into a machine, and are issued another ticket with a time range on it. During that period, you can turn up at the attraction and get right on it, ahead of the normal queue. You can only hold one fastpass at a time, and it has to have expired before you can get another one.

5) Don’t bother tying up a fastpass on the Lion King stage show, though. Although those with fastpasses were indeed cordoned off into a ‘special’ waiting area when we visited, they were admitted into the show right along with us ordinary-queue proletarians in a single stampede.

6) Do take advantage of the ‘Single riders’ option at Space Mountain if you are a couple with small kids, or if you and your companions don’t mind riding alone. Using this ‘queue’, Mrs Tall and I rode twice each and waited a total of about three minutes.

7) Do use sunscreen and wear hats if it’s sunny. Sounds obvious, but although most waiting areas were at least partially shaded, on the day we visited there were still hundreds of painfully red faces and shoulders around, proving that some of us need little reminders.

8) Do buy orange juice. There are plastic bottles of fresh orange juice on sale all over the place for HKD15. That’s not bad, given the general range of prices around the park, and it’s delicious.

9) Don’t expect to ride all the way around the park on the little train if the park’s busy. The train has two stops: at the entrance, and at the opposite side of the park in Fantasyland. We found out that when the park gets crowded, you can only go from one stop to the next one, where you then have to get off.

10) Don’t go crazy trying to get a good spot to see the fireworks. We saw people staking out positions to watch them almost an hour and a half in advance. This is surely not worth it. We waited till the last minute, and still were able to squeeze into the main plaza in front of the castle where the show is centered. We had a tree branch obscuring a bit of our view, but it was still fine.

The Whys of Whining

The Whys of Whining“Moooooooooooom!”

It’s irritating, it’s frustrating and it gets on your last nerve. Though it’s obnoxious and unacceptable, it’s actually an effective for your child to get your attention. It’s whining.

But, like other bad habits, you can nip it in the bud early with a few simple strategies to teach your child there are other appropriate, effective forms of communicating with you.

First, try limiting the situations that trigger it. Avoid extra errands when the kids are hungry. Don’t let them get involved in a frustrating game or project prior to bedtime. Pay attention when your child is talking, as sometimes whining is a reaction when a child feels you aren’t giving them your full attention. Praise them for not whining and talking in a normal and understandable voice that allows you to fully understand what they are saying to you.

When the whining begins, don’t overreact. Keep your response simple, calm and neutral. Ask your child to repeat the request in a normal tone. When giving in seems inevitable, don’t delay. If you must finish the grocery shopping so you can put dinner on the table, for instance, and your child starts whining for a snack, offer something healthy right away.

Once a limit has been set, parents should follow through. It’s imperative that both parents are on board with this limit and fully follow through when the whining rule has been violated.

If you have an older child that’s developing a whining habit, suggest they come up with a solution to their perceived boredom or other voiced problem. If you suggest possible alternatives, it might just prolong the child’s whining.

Sometimes whining can be the result of trauma and trouble in their life. A family illness or problems at school may be at the root. Additional positive attention and quality one-on-one time may be just the medicine your child needs at a time like this. Your pediatrician can also suggest alternatives to curb whining should the positive attention and disciplinary actions be ineffective.

Training the Fussy Eater

Training the Fussy EaterToddlers can be fussy eaters who refuses to try a new food at least half of the time. Approximately half of all toddlers fit this description, so it is no wonder that food issues are a source of stress for parents.

Establishing healthy eating patterns is important to avoid problems such as obesity and eating disorders later in life. Various strategies can help your child accept a wider range of foods. It may be necessary to offer a food to your child as many as 10 different times before they choose to eat it. The problem is, many parents get frustrated and give up before the fourth or fifth try.

Try to make foods fun. Colorful foods like carrot sticks, raisins, apples, grapes, cheese sticks and crackers can all be fun and healthy choices for your growing toddler. Explain to them that eating good food is important so they’ll grow big and strong, and how it will help them run faster and play longer.

Children learn behaviors from their parents. If you restrict yourself to a narrow range of foods, your child will take notice and mimic your caution. Don’t limit your child’s food variety to only those foods you prefer. It may be that your child’s tastes are different to yours, and perhaps you are simply serving them foods they don’t happen to like. Try to set a good example and try a variety of foods in front of your child. It could motivate them to do the same.

If your child seems healthy and energetic, then they are eating enough. If you are still concerned, keep an eye on how much food they actually eat over the day. Children tend to graze constantly, rather than restrict their eating to three meals per day like adults. You may be surprised how those little handfuls and snacks add up. For further reassurance, check your child’s growth and weight charts, or check with your child’s pediatrician.

Try not to worry, and remember, that unless a child is ill, they will eat. Children are very good at judging their hunger and fullness signals. Try to stay relaxed about mealtime and offer your child a wide variety of foods, and most importantly, remember to set a good example by trying a wide variety of foods yourself. You may discover you and your toddler share a new found favorite food!

Winter Vacations: Why Your Family Should Take One

Winter Vacations: Why Your Family Should Take OneEach year, a large number of families make the decision to take a winter vacation. Despite the fact that a large number of individuals do vacation during the summer months, there are even more families that do not. Which type of family are you?

There are a number of reasons why a particular family may be unable to take a family vacation. One of the most common reasons involves the cost. Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that a vacation has to be an extravagant adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you travel to the closest amusement park, camp overnight at a state park, or travel around the world, each can be considered a winter vacation.

In addition to the cost of a vacation, a large number of families are unable to take a family vacation due to their busy schedules. Winter vacations are popular because they are often the only time that a family can take a break from their daily activities. If you are able to set aside time, whether it be three days or three weeks, you are encouraged to schedule a winter vacation with your family. Doing so has an unlimited number of benefits.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of scheduling a winter vacation with your family is the amount of time that you will be able to spend together. In this day in age, many families are rarely able to spend time together. Long work hours, homework, and busy sports schedules often prevent a family from enjoying dinner or other fun activities together. In some cases, a winter vacation is the only way that a family can spend uninterrupted time together.

The relaxation that a winter vacation will provide your family with is another benefit of scheduling one. Today, children must operate and function differently than they had to in the past. School age children are often bombarded with large amounts of homework, on a daily basis. This homework, along with active sport schedules and pressure to be the best, can be difficult for children to handle. A winter vacation may provide them with the rest and relaxation that they need and deserve.

In addition to your children receiving relaxation, it is quite possible that you and your spouse could as well. It is true that children have a lot of pressure placed on them, but so do parents. Scheduling a winter vacation with your family will give you the opportunity to forget about work related issues and home cleaning. These are some of the problems and issues that only a winter vacation could cure.

If you are interested in scheduling a winter vacation, you and your family are encouraged to pick a destination together. Selecting a winter vacation destination as a family will enable everyone to have access to fun filled activities. In addition to selecting the perfect family vacation, your children may experience a feeling of importance. This feeling of importance if often generated from having an input on a large decision, such as your next winter vacation destination.

As previously mentioned, a large number of activities can be considered a winter vacation. If you are interesting in taking a vacation this winter, you and your family should take the time to find the perfect winter vacation destination. Why would you want to continue to spend your winters around the house, especially when everyone could be enjoying themselves away from home?

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Make Quality Time with your Child Count

Make Quality Time with your Child CountIn today’s busy world, work, household chores and social activities all put a strain on your time with your child. But as you well know, it’s imperative that you spend quality time together. It helps strengthen the bond between parent and child, and lets your child know you can be trusted and counted on. Children who spend quality time with their parents often do better in school, and excel in extracurricular activities, hobbies or sports. And though it can be ‘scheduled’ to a degree, it’s something that happens when you least expect it. Therefore it’s important that you do spend as much time as possible with your child in a relaxed atmosphere and do things together that you both enjoy.

But you’re asking yourself, “Where am I going to find the time? My schedule’s crazy enough as it is!” Well, for something as important as your child, you need to start digging around in that crazy schedule and find the time. Prioritizing is the key.

Here’s some helpful suggestions on how to make the most of your time and find quality time where you least expect it.

Look at your household chore list and decide which ones can be left undone or be done imperfectly in order to make more family time. You might also want to consider leaving certain things until after your child has gone to bed to make the most of your time together.

Turn some of your everyday routines together count. Sing some favorite silly songs on the way to daycare, or make that drive to and from school a great opportunity to discuss what’s happening in your child’s life.

If you have more than one child, realize that each of them needs your individual attention. You may really have to juggle things around to make this happen, but try to be flexible and creative when spending time with each of your kids. . And no matter what, don’t skip those individual times with each child. By doing so you show them they’re lower down on the priority list than the dry cleaning or the grocery shopping.

Children thrive on stability and routines, so plan your quality times so that they can take place regularly. Maybe you can walk the dog together on weekend morning, take a shopping excursion together, have a scheduled night each week for a sit-down dinner together, or make a trip to the park.

Encouraging Play Encourages a Child’s Development

Encouraging Play Encourages a Child’s Development

We’ve all heard the term, “Oh, that’s child’s play.” It implies something is easy, frivolous and unimportant in the overall scheme of things. But to a child, child’s play is essential to their mental, social, emotional, and physical development.

We all know that children like to play. But what we may not know is the importance of play in a child’s life. Play is essential to every area of a child’s growth and development.

Play provides a means for energy to be put to use. It strengthens and refines small and large motor skills, and it builds stamina and strength. Sensory learning develops mostly through play.

Play is significant to physical development in that without it the body could not grow and develop normally.

Children possess a natural curiosity. They, explore, learn and make sense out of their environment by playing. Parents and educators alike can support this learning activity by ensuring age-appropriate toys, materials and environments are available to the child.
Play enables children to know things about the world and to discover information essential to learning. Through play children learn basic concepts such as colors, counting, how to build things, and how to solve problems. Thinking and reasoning skills are at work every time a child engages in some type of play.

Children learn to relate to one another, negotiate roles, share, and obey rules through play. They also learn how to belong to a group and how to be part of a team. A child obtains and retains friends through play.

Play fulfills many needs including a sense of accomplishment, successfully giving and receiving attention, and the need for self-esteem. It helps them develop a strong sense of self, and is emotionally satisfying to them. They learn about fairness, and through pretending learn appropriate ways of expressing emotion such as anger, fear, frustration, stress and discover ways of dealing with these feelings.

So encourage your child’s play. Color pictures, make finger paintings, build buildings and imaginary cities with blocks, and built a tent in the middle of the living room and go camping! And as we all know, childhood is fleeting, so let them enjoy being a kid while they are one!

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Bril® Designer Geometry Boxes

Bril Designer Geometry Boxes

Bril® has launched India’s first designer geometry boxes- Geomate Smart+ and Geomate DX. Boys and Girls can now feel proud of owning these pieces of art inspired by geometrical shapes and the kaleidoscope effect that brings out geometrical shapes in vibrant hues and colours!

At Bril® we realized that most geometry boxes in India either looked drab and boring or bright but boring. We saw the same old reds, yellows, blues and greens with the typical images of the protractor, compass and ruler again and again. We were sure that students would be bored of this, and as always, Bril being the trend setter, set out to Make Learning Fun™ and thereby Make Living Fun™ for young school going boys and girls. The result- Bril’s Designer Geometry Boxes range!

Without doubt we have used the highest quality of plastic, metal and other parts in these designer geometry boxes. All this so, students can enjoy the highest levels of accuracy for stress-free peak performance in class!

Now students can show off their colourful designer Bril® Geometry Boxes on their school desks.

Bril Designer Geometry Boxes

For more information, visit www.brilindia.com

Why the Bril Reseller Program is Much Better than Other Home-Based Business Opportunities

“Hey Hey Bril, before you start…”, Queschy shouts

“What the hell is this Bril Reseller Opportunity you keep talking about?”

Bril replies, “Queschy, my friend, you have not changed a bit in all these years! Will you please let me get my thoughts together first? I am pooped after a long drive through congested roads. Don’t you worry I will patiently answer all the ‘Queschions’ you have about my cool Reseller Program 🙂”…..”Ok, Ok, I can’t wait Bril, tell me what it’s about”, Queschy interjects.

Bril: Ok, Queschy my pal here goes……The Bril Reseller Program is designed to help individuals (people like you) supplement their mainstream income or to generate their first income by starting a home-based business. The Bril Reseller Program gives individuals resale rights for world-class Bril products. So, in a nutshell, people can buy and resell amazing Bril products in the Baby, children and home niche that they and their children love to use themselves. Resellers can purchase the products at discounted reseller prices and resell (or get them drop-shipped to their customer), or sell using their unique reseller links (online) to earn commissions.

Queschy with your permission I will make this a blog post since NOBODY can ask as many questions as you, and I am sure this will help many people who are considering my opportunity (The Bril Reseller Opportunity!). “Sure Bril, of course you can do that, but stop pulling my leg 🙂 ”, Queshy exclaims grinning and fondly punching Bril.

Thanks to Queschy my friend, who made my life miserable with a zillion questions that I have written this blog post that will help you, a prospective Bril Reseller (Like Queschy) make that decision of ‘Should I’ or ‘Shouldn’t I’ easily. I understand that you may have tried several so called ‘business opportunities’ that make claims that most people never ever achieve. The Bril Reseller opportunity is unique, because it is simple and stupid (Not ‘bad’ stupid but ‘good’ stupid, ‘cos simplicity is what makes it work for people!). You buy Bril products and sell them- That’s it! If you work at it and sell one product that’s how much you earn. You sell nothing, you earn nothing. You DO NOT have to recruit people, you DO NOT have to build a down line, you DO NOT have to buy products every month to remain a Bril Reseller AND Most importantly The Bril Reseller Program is NOT MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)! We have worked hard to remove any possibility of some rotten eggs (selfish resellers) in the system from taking advantage by recruiting and forcing people to buy products that they don’t need, for their benefit (read: commissions).

Now back to my dialogue with Queschy……

Queschy: “Bril, Ok I get it, so how is it so fool proof? Do I need to buy anything at all to become a Bril Reseller?”

Bril: Good question Queschy. The main reason Bril Resellers never ever lose is because, the only mandatory investment that they EVER have to make is an initial purchase of at least Rs. 4,400/- along with a completed reseller application form. They can fill out the reseller application form and purchase online on www.brilindia.com or print the form and submit it with a cheque offline. Now, the best part is that you can choose the Bril products that would be useful to you or wish to resell, as even your first purchase will be at the discounted reseller prices! So do you see that there is absolutely no downside or loss? Even if you don’t sell a single product after that, you have just purchased some lovely Bril products that you and your children will enjoy using. If you do start selling, which is what we hope you will do, you can start enjoying a handsome supplementary income!

Queschy: “What if I make the first purchase and decide to either use these products or resell it to someone. Now don’t I have to buy more?”

Bril: Hmmm Queshy, you’re too much! How will you make any money if you never buy again? You sure have to buy products if you wish to sell them, but there is no minimum purchase requirement or monthly purchase criteria whatsoever! So if you get an order from someone, you could collect a cheque or cash from that person for sale at the MRP. Once you get the cash (or before you get the cash- that’s your choice), you will have to send a cheque to ‘Industrial Research Corporation’ i.e. to Bril, for an amount equal to the discounted reseller price for the product you wish to purchase (The one you have sold to your customer). Once the cheque is realised we will ship the product to you or directly to your customer if you wish. Simple isn’t it?

Queschy: “You keep saying ‘Reseller Price’, what is that?”

Bril: The reseller price is a discounted price at which resellers (you) can buy select Bril products. The reseller prices are typically between 20% or occasionally more than 20% lower than the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). This enables resellers to buy at lower prices and resell at MRP. For example if the MRP of a product is Rs. 1000, and the reseller price for this product is 20% lower than MRP, the reseller can buy it at Rs. 800 and sell at Rs. 1000.

Now, for example if a reseller buys the Brilrider for example at the reseller price of Rs. 3192/- and resells it at Rs. 3990/- (MRP), he/she would make a profit of Rs. 798/- on that one sale! How much you sell and how much you make will be a by-product of the systematic efforts you put in to build leads and convert them in the online and offline world.

Queschy: “You mentioned something about the unique reseller links, what’s that?”*

Bril: Smart boy Queschy! Now you’re asking some smarter questions (*Grins and winks*)! When you become a reseller (That is complete application formalities and make your first purchase), you will get a Username and Password (Automatically if you register and make a payment online, or after a few days if you register/pay offline). This username and password will give you access to a ‘Business and Marketing Tools Page’ and a ‘Reseller Back Office’ on my site www.brilindia.com . In the reseller back office you will be able to access your URLs (Links) to www.brilindia.com and individual product pages on www.brilindia.com with a code that is unique to you. You can use these links in your website / blog or any email marketing campaigns that you do. If a person (customer) clicks on your link and buys any Bril product, you will earn a commission of 10-20% (Or commission based on prevailing reseller commission structure). You can track these commissions in your Reseller Back Office! Cool right? Before I forget, Queschy – NO SPAMMING! Please do not buy some stupid database and email your link to people you don’t know (I will remove you from my Reseller list if you do). Spam is a serious problem and won’t get you much business either- in the long run…….”Yes, Bril I know. Don’t you worry, I will use my link only on my websites, blogs and review sites. And Yes, I will email only people I know or people who Opt-in to my mailing lists or ask me for information about Bril products!’

Before you ask, the ‘Business and Marketing Tools’ page will give you access to original Bril printable and digital marketing collaterals and information that will help you become more successful as a reseller. We also recommend some third party tools that you may or may not wish to use to generate more leads and sales.

Queschy: “If I recruit someone under me will I earn a commission when they buy or sell Bril products?”*

Bril: Now this is the most important reason why the Bril Reseller program is different from the other programs and is much better than any other home-based business opportunity. The answer is No. If you refer someone in the offline or online  world you WILL NOT earn a commission for their purchases OR sales.

Queschy: “Why won’t I earn a commission when a referred reseller buys or sells products?”

Bril: Good question. Remember I told you, that this program works only because it is NOT MLM. Resellers only make money by buying and reselling bril products. Everyone gets a fair chance as everyone is on the same level. Just like there are many shops there may be many resellers, but everyone has an equal chance of succeeding if they put in efforts. The Bril Reseller program is one of the most ethical, honest and real business opportunities in the world.

Queschy: Bril if you keep appointing resellers won’t there be too much competition?

Fantastic question my friend. India has over 1 billion people. As a reseller based in India you can sell to anyone anywhere in the country. Even if we appoint 1 million or even 10 million resellers you still have more than 240 million middle class buyers (customers) available if you use the power of the internet. So stop worrying and start selling!

Queschy: “Bril, your program is pretty cool I say! Now for a last question for the day. What if a person joins the reseller program by clicking on my reseller link, do I make a commission if that person buys/sells something with his/her link online?”

Bril: Queschyyyyyyyy NO! I told you right in the beginning, the Bril Reseller Program is NOT MLM!

“Ok, ok, Bril, I get it, I was just pulling your leg 🙂 stop shouting now, let’s go for a cup of coffee. Once done I will fill out the application form and give you a cheque for Rs. 4400/- or more based on which products I wish to buy (hmm or I may decide to buy online using my credit card, debit card, cash card or net banking). Hmmm actually I might just buy one of each- One Brilrider and a Brilbooster for my 1-year old son, 1 Bril Stationery kit for my daughter and a Brilslate for myself! ”, shrieks Queschy.

Queschy: “Oops, what will I resell then? If I use all of them?”

Bril – “Relax Queschy, I told you you could buy more when you have a customer willing to buy from you! Now just enjoy the products first”

Queschy, “Oh ya, got it! 🙂

Intuitive and Egoless Leadership:

By Jayaram Rajaram


As I was writing a casual email to the CEO of a big multinational organization, I realized that this may be of interest to the world.

The whole world is discussing Steve Jobs and how he defied all the rules and intuitively navigated Apple to what it is today.

How did he do it? Most people would say that Steve Jobs is an aberration or an outlier. No doubt they are right in saying that, but what we need to ask ourselves is whether there is a ‘little bit of’ Steve Jobs in each one of us and ‘is there a Steve Jobs who is waiting to be found in every organization’?

Can teams communicate in an egoless manner, breathe right and soul-search to identify their Steve Jobs and back him/her to the hilt?

Is market research just telling us what the average customer/consumer wants? Is this making organizations and products mediocre?

Isn’t it up to leadership teams to chart a course that brings about disproportionate results through whacko innovative ideas/products /offerings?

Shouldn’t all this be done ethically rather than baseless innovation like what happened with CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) by greedy leaders that led to the financial crisis that the world is still battling?

My take on it is that if teams function in an egoless manner, leaders start breathing right, communicate well and start searching for this person or people who want to change the world, and back them to the hilt, every organization has the potential to move from good to great. Over the years, the corporate world has laid so much emphasis on data and risk-mitigation that the fun of real entrepreneurship has vanished. Our objective as leaders should be to bring back the thrill and results of entrepreneurship by encouraging intrapreneurship in every team. This can only be done by identifying entrepreneurial leaders who function in an ethical and transparent manner.

Why did I say breathe right and what does it have to do with leadership? Did you ever wonder how intuition works? It’s only our breath that we have control over, and the breath controls our brain, heart and nervous system. Scientists and specifically neuroscientists are now validating this link between breath-heart and brain functions, but several wise men knew this long ago- though experientially. FMRI scans now show that breathing in a particular way activates certain portions of the brain. So role-specific and activity specific breathing is now becoming a reality for enhancing leadership performance, as validation using new-age technology is possible. Quantum physics is trying to locate the One Source that we call God and is slowly moving towards saying God is within us- ancient wisdom and spiritual leaders (across religions) knew this many centuries ago experientially and accessed the one-source through meditation and prayer. People are slowly realizing that what manifests in reality is consciousness or what we individually and collectively think. Dr. Mani Bhaumik’s ‘Code Name God’ addresses the union of science and spirituality beautifully and in a non-religious manner.

We live in very interesting times where possibilities are endless. So whether we intellectualise this or not, leaders must unclutter their thoughts and start taking time off to breathe right and meditate, to intuitively navigate their teams through unchartered territories to succeed in this ever-changing and complicated world.

About the Author:

Jayaram Rajaram is one of the Managing Partner’s of Bril, a company that works on a Mission to Make Living Fun for its customers and consumers, through its world-class school stationery, baby and children’s products. He is also the Managing Director & Chief Dreamer of a human development company called ELSA Learning Private Limited that offers experiential art programs for children and infuses creativity and innovation into organizations.  Jayaram writes about varied topics ranging from Leadership to Innovation to Parenting. All his posts are a result of his personal experiences of over a decade at the helm of Bril, a products company and ELSA, a services company.