Brilrider Balance Bike: Raghav Learns to balance at 2!

By Jayaram Rajaram

When we first launched the Brilrider, I knew it was a fantastic product that would Make Living Fun for kids and parents. Having said this, little did I realize the kind of overwhelming and inexplicably awesome emotion that I would feel when my baby learnt to balance the Brilrider.  On 5th January 2013, Raghav rode down the entire stretch of my driveway on his red Brilrider balance bike with his feet up! My mother saw it first and called all of us out to see. Vidya (My wife), my dad and I rushed out with video camera et al. The showman that Raghav is, he did it so confidently and repeated it three times for his proud appa, amma, thatha and patti! What was really moving is that he did it at the age of 2, just 4 months after he had taken a fascination for his Brilrider! No, Raghav is not special, but as a parent, it’s these moments that take your breath away. What I’m trying to say is that, without the Brilrider, my wife and I couldn’t have imagined experiencing this unbelievable feeling. As a father, I never push Raghav into anything (I discourage parents who push their babies / children into doing things that the child doesn’t want to or doesn’t enjoy) . Till he was 20 months old Raghav rarely played with his Brilrider balance bike. Different children start learning different things at different times, and he suddenly took a major liking for his Brilrider and started walking with it every day from around 21 months! 4 months later, he’s balancing! Watch the short video below, that I managed to capture of Raghav balancing on his Brilrider balance bike (He keeps his feet up but close to the ground so he can put them down at the slightest feeling of instability):

Managing a family business has its perks, as I launch products first for myself or for my son. While it has perks for me, it’s great even for customers as they get tried and tested, awesome products that my family and I love. Brilrider was no different, as it was built with passion by me and my team for my son, and the fringe benefit is that I get the satisfaction of seeing so many parents and kids enjoy the Brilrider experience. We launched the Brilrider when Raghav was around 17 months old, and it’s been a phenomenal experience since. We are getting rave reviews from parents of toddlers who are experiencing this WOW feeling while watching their babies enjoy themselves and learn to balance at such a tender age! How much would you pay to experience this feeling? As a parent I would say this feeling and the Brilrider experience with your little one is PRICELESS! Don’t deny yourself and your child of this experience.

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About the Author

Jayaram Rajaram is the Managing Partner of Bril and the Managing Director & Chief Dreamer of ELSA. Jayaram writes from his heart and from experience. He writes about varied topics ranging from parenting to leadership and entrepreneurship.

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