How To Make Holidays Productive For Your Children

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Holidays -the most awaited time of the year! Children run out their schools on the last day of exam with inexplicable excitement. The parents, meanwhile, wonder how they will contain that excitement for the following two months!

While some take to travelling other parents enlist their children to summer workshops where various skills are picked up. To continue your daily chores & office work, without interruptions, your children need to  be occupied. They need to learn how to spend time by themselves when their parents are busy. Once you make them independent they enjoy their holidays better and you enjoy a peaceful time!

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Let’s Play, Learn & Teach Without Gadgets!

Blog Engage without gadgets - 9th Oct

Gadgets have made life easier than we could ever imagine. They help us reach people, across the world,  through calls/email, serve as great navigators when we are in someplace new, house apps which have transformed the way eat, dress and socialise!  But most of all, gadgets have given us new forms of entertainment. Entertainment which is great, as long as we don’t get too carried away and forget the outside world – This is exactly what is happening with our children.

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Raising children with positive attitude



Parenting, as most of us have had the occasion to find out, is a thankless job. When our kids do well, the world praises them for their achievement. And when they behave badly, well, it is the parents – especially mothers – who get to bear the brunt of criticism.

Kind of makes sense why our mothers tended to be on tenterhooks at social gatherings we were taken to. Kids tend to be a little too gregarious at times and end up being a little too obnoxious and ill-disciplined for the standards set by mothers. While dad soon got engrossed in a conversation on sports or politics, it was left to mother to keep her flock in check.

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