How to Be a Great Parent When You Have to Work Overnight Shifts

“Gosh, it has been ages since I’ve gone out with my family” “I barely get time to sleep” “ You know what! I sleep in the morning and don’t get to see my children”. 

Though we all know it’s not easy to be a good parent, a lot of us try to do the best we can. Sometimes unending meetings and working late at night can take away our family time. However, miseries of such a kind shouldn’t stop us from doing our part. Here are some tips to help parents who work overnight shifts become great moms and dads.

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What to do When Your Child is Scared of the Dentist

Dentists are angels who help us smile better. But how do we come to terms with reality when they actually drill and fill our mouths with their tools and dental products?

At least children can’t. A masked face may not be a scary figure anymore to children, but the tools, smell, and pain sometimes.

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Random Acts of Kindness for Kids To Do

What are the acts of kindness you want your children to do when they are in a situation? You may want them to say thank you when they receive something or maybe help their friend feel better when sad. Helping their grandparents get their walking sticks or earphones when they are looking for them also can be an act of kindness. But the secret to getting this working with your children is your reactions which they will mirror.

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Why Is it Important for Your Kids to Make Neighborhood Friends?

When you think of your child’s ability to interact, make new relationships, or communicate, who would you give credit to? Their teachers, classmates, neighbors, other family members, or you? 

After school, at least a handful of us always wanted to go out in the neighborhood every evening with our playing kits, waiting for our buddy next door to play and spend some time together. It was nothing unusual until a couple of years ago. 

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6 Amazing Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories To Kids

At night, just about bedtime, under a warm light, open a storybook to read out to your child, who eagerly waits to imagine every plot back in his mind. It’s not just about sowing the seeds of imagination but also about spending quality time with your child and relaxing him up when he’s ready to drift into a good nap.

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10 Tricks to Stop a Toddler’s Tantrum

Before diving into tricks to stop your toddler’s tantrum, you should be able to identify what really sparks it. Though it’s normal for children between the ages of 1-4 to squeal and create havoc just because one of you said ‘NO’ to what was supposed to be the toddler’s YES, most of the time, it is your peaceful intervention that helps sort things out.

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Ways to Make Vacation With Kids Memorable

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

       Jawaharlal Nehru

When does someone get bitten by the travel bug? When monotony sets in and frequent outbursts of frustration build up within the family or work, all one can think of is a getaway. A vacation is a means to freshen up, energize and rejuvenate, and off-late people look forward to it. 

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How To Thrive In A Multigenerational Home

‘Multigenerational Living’ is a term for multiple generations in a family living together. Do we all know how to manage three or four generations under one roof? The answer could be a big ‘NO’ or ‘Yeah, some minor hiccups are there, but managing to get along’. 

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5 Ways How Fathers Can Help Their Partner Around the House

In an era where the world discusses women’s empowerment and equality, how exciting would it be to have parents share responsibilities at home? Justification may sound like this. “ If women can manage household chores and go to the office for work, what would be wrong if men do the same? Keeping gender biases aside, getting a helping hand from their spouse would mean acceptance, consideration, and care for most women counterparts. Fathers can help their partners around the house in many ways. Let’s see how.

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6 ways to Boost Your Immune System During Cold and Flu Season.

Do you remember the last time you consciously went on a healthy diet to build your immune system? Do you pack oranges and apples in your snack box? Are you someone who drinks homemade gruel to soothe your tummy or even as a measure to detoxify your immune system?

 These granny tips are familiar to us, but how often do we really apply them to strengthen ourselves? It’s significant as we consume adulterated food almost every day and don’t have a choice but to adhere to ways to boost our immune system, not just during the cold and flu season but at all times. Let’s read on to find out how.

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