The Importance Of Accepting Our Children For Who They Are.

“Accept the children the way we accept trees- with gratitude because they are a blessing- but do not have expectations or desires. You don’t expect trees to change, you accept them as they are”.

Isabel Allende

What makes parents set expectations about their children? Why is it difficult for parents or family members to accept children for who they are? Past experiences, fears, societal norms, and status symbols sometimes create a stumbling block for children to live the life they want and deserve. 

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5 Practical Tips To Bond With Your Teenager

Do you see your teenager shun away from you for no apparent reason?  Does it bother you and lead to fits of anger that you later feel sorry about?

Well, teenage is when your child is clueless about what’s happening to them. They seem to lose control of their emotions, mostly confused and don’t share their feelings, even with their closest friends. At this point, any parent would need help to help themselves and their child who barely looks at them or talks. And so, here are five tips that can help you bond with your teenager.

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Things You Should Never Lie to Your Children About

Often parents think it’s okay to say a seemingly harmless lie to their children once in a while. But what provokes them to tell a lie can provoke their child, at a later point in their lives is the underlying truth. A parent-child relationship is one of trust, mutual respect, and love. And telling lies can hamper the beautiful relationship for life. 

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Benefits of Having a Dog as Part of the Family

Until a couple of years ago, a dog in an Indian household was considered a guard who kept us away from anti-social elements of our society with its incomparable brilliance. Today they are the much-wanted friend within a home for this super-canine power to relieve humans from stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. Sounds unbelievable? It’s true. These  furry guards are now furry angels- also called therapy dogs.

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6 Benefits Of Eating Together as a Family

Eating together is an act of gratitude primarily. When you acknowledge the effort of the person who cared to feed the rest of the family well, the pleasure of eating doubles. Together at a dining table, you can like, share, comment, and ask for the secret recipes or even help with your child’s second helping. Eating together brings a bonding that involves love and care above all else. So why not encourage everyone to eat together as a family and enjoy the benefits?

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What to do When Your Child is Scared of the Dentist

Dentists are angels who help us smile better. But how do we come to terms with reality when they actually drill and fill our mouths with their tools and dental products?

At least children can’t. A masked face may not be a scary figure anymore to children, but the tools, smell, and pain sometimes.

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Random Acts of Kindness for Kids To Do

What are the acts of kindness you want your children to do when they are in a situation? You may want them to say thank you when they receive something or maybe help their friend feel better when sad. Helping their grandparents get their walking sticks or earphones when they are looking for them also can be an act of kindness. But the secret to getting this working with your children is your reactions which they will mirror.

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Why Is it Important for Your Kids to Make Neighborhood Friends?

When you think of your child’s ability to interact, make new relationships, or communicate, who would you give credit to? Their teachers, classmates, neighbors, other family members, or you? 

After school, at least a handful of us always wanted to go out in the neighborhood every evening with our playing kits, waiting for our buddy next door to play and spend some time together. It was nothing unusual until a couple of years ago. 

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Ways to Make Vacation With Kids Memorable

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

       Jawaharlal Nehru

When does someone get bitten by the travel bug? When monotony sets in and frequent outbursts of frustration build up within the family or work, all one can think of is a getaway. A vacation is a means to freshen up, energize and rejuvenate, and off-late people look forward to it. 

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