Cardboard Box Train – Pull Along And Play

I think I need some help with my cardboard box hoarding at this stage! This weekend I managed to make use of a few of the smaller cosmetic boxes to make a cardboard box train. A simple painted pull along train to inspire hours of chooo chooo pretend play.

This craft is a simple 3 step – Glue, Paint and Draw, that’s it!!

Let’s get making..



Gather together a few small boxes, for the engine and the carriages – as many carriages as you want.

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Learning to Use Scissors

Learning to use scissors can be a long and challenging process for little hands!  That is why making it simple and fun can reduce scissor frustration!


There are so many things to remember – how to hold them in the right position, which fingers to use, not to mention needing enough hand muscle strength to operate them. [Read more…]

Structured Classes versus Self Directed Play for 3-7 Year Olds



3 to 7 year olds are at an important stage in life where they continue to learn a lot while they play. There also seems to be growing demand for structured classes that focus on one particular skill for your child to master.

Problem solving, skill building, negotiating, overcoming mental and physical barriers are all formed during these years. So should you be setting up structured classes for your children or should you be letting them play on their own? [Read more…]

5 Ways to Show Love to Grandparents


The Indian culture is a very inclusive one. More so, when it comes to our grandparents. Grandparents nurture our lives in the most loving way possible. They don’t have the urgency of getting grandchildren disciplined, they bring in a whole world of traditional values to us and they are simply the most amazing human beings on earth.

And how can we repay them for all that they give us unconditionally? Simple, just follow the steps below religiously and watch how they beam with pride! [Read more…]

Tiger Moms – Indian Style


Amy Chua, the author of controversial book “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mom” seemed to have opened a whole Pandora’s Box with her controversial account of how she brought up her two daughters in a strict traditional Chinese way of upbringing.

But today’s article is not about Amy’s book. This article is written with the express purpose of evaluating whether Indian mothers are in fact closet Tiger Moms? Or in some cases may be self declared ones!

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Grandparents-150x150What is the role of a grand parent today?

I have been a grand parent since 2007. Our first grandson arrived that year. Two years later our secondgrand son arrived. Both were born in Mumbai in a hospital close to our home. So I started my role as a grandparent from the day they were born.

Both my wife & I played distinct and different roles as grand parents. She was a big help to my daughter in doing many things for the babies. I played a limited role in the early days. I used to get up early, so did our grandsons. So my daughter would hand over the baby to me. She would get a couple of hours of rest.

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Mommy and Me Club – How to Organize a Tea Party with Your Child


Children love to go off into their imaginary world where food plays a great part. My own daughter dresses in fairy costumes every single day after school, gathers up her dolls and asks them to tea around her little table. Surprisingly, when her friends (even boys) come home, they take part in this make-believe tea party with equal gusto.

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Camping With Your Children In India This Summer



Summer vacation brings back memories of lazy afternoons spent stuffing ourselves with mangoes, playing in our grandparents backyard, a lot of TV and a book or two. Fast forward to 2015, and summer vacations come so action packed, there’s no time to be lost!

Brimming with a sense of purpose, parents like to send off their kids to eco-friendly summer camps, where they not only learn about team work but also stay close to nature and learn about its delicate balance.

So we decided to put together a list of camping spots in South India for you that are child friendly!

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Fun in the Sun with Your Little One

Fun in the Sun with Your Little One


Summer holidays are almost upon us. Kids will be home all day. Now what?! How to keep your bubbly little children occupied, so you don’t hear “Mom, I’m bored!” – Words that every mother has dreaded since times unknown.

Read on to find out 6 summer time activities that you can plan with your kids even in the Indian summer. Yes, this list is totally meant for the harsh summers that we face every year.

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