Keeping Children with Severe Intellectual Disabilities Occupied – A How to Guide!


Children with special needs are generally those who suffer from severe intellectual disabilities. They have a tough time adjusting to their environment as a result of their IQ which is significantly lower than average – between 70 and 89, when the average IQ score is 100. Ordinary tasks like engaging in conversation, or using a pencil for instance seem like a difficult task for children with such disabilities. Here is how you can give your child a better quality of life while giving him an opportunity to develop and grow with structured activities that will help promote fundamental skills in a fun environment.

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The Fantastic 5 Tell You Why You Should Celebrate Dussehra


In the line of festivities that will follow Dussehra is considered to be one of the most important and auspicious festivals in India. This festival is celebrated in various forms of grandeur across the Asian Sub Continent. The name Dussehra comes from the Sanskrit term Dasha-hara which means ‘remover of bad fate’. This festival also goes by other names; Vijaya Dashami or Vijayadasami, Navratri and Durgotsav.

According to the Hindu Calendar this festival falls on the tenth day of the bright half (Shukla paksha) of the month of Ashwin (Ashwayuja). It is a very auspicious holiday in India and celebrates the victory of good over evil.

The Puranas also state that warrior Goddess Durga slayed the buffalo Demon Mahishasura on this day because of which she also referred to as Mahishasura Mardhini.

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated by having special prayer meetings and food offerings in homes and temples from the 1st day to the 10th day. Huge fairs and special parades are held with large effigies of Ravana. The streets throng with the sound of song and drums bringing out the creativity of the locals as they burn the mythical king of ancient Sri Lanka on bonfires.

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Make Your Child Environmentally Aware With These Cool Tips


Who doesn’t like the outdoors. One should take it upon themselves to make an effort and do their part in preserving nature’s beauty. It’s a boon to live in a place blessed with a bounty of scenic beauty. For those who appreciate this beauty it is not easy to watch these surroundings get disturbed and deteriorated by those who don’t seem to care about the natural environment.

In this situation as parents it would be a good decision to take the first step and do better in how you protect and preserve the environmental sources. Reducing the ‘carbon footprint’, making use of green power, and recycling are issues that everyone faces on a day to day basis. [Read more…]

Ganpathi Bappa Morya!

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Finally, the day has come to welcome into our homes on of our favourite Gods. He travels on the back of a tiny little mouse. One would wonder how that little creature must be bearing the weight of his big round belly. Such is the greatness of this God who is also the destroyer of all difficulties and obstacles, Vignaharta. Popularly known as Ganapathi Bappa or Lord Ganesha. [Read more…]

Having Trouble Making All Your Children Feel Special?


The quandary of parenting begins with that first teeny tiny cry and doesn’t end until… well, it doesn’t end! You must be wondering about each of your little ones and how totally distinctive they are. Are their identities reared profound inside them or does birth request have something to do with the way they act and respond? Does it have any kind of effect to be to begin with, centre, or last kids?

Birth order has greater influence on individual conduct than we might suspect, and psychology has a considerable measure of proof to back that up. Here are some regular qualities of in the first place, center, and last kids and a couple of tips on the most proficient method to best love them. [Read more…]

Govinda Aala Re!


On this auspicious day we all welcome into our homes, the most notorious of them all, he also goes by the name ‘Maakhan Chor’. Everyone knows him as Lord Krishna. It’s time for all the festivities to begin. Every Hindu household all over the world prepares to welcome the Lord into their lives every year in a grand manner. [Read more…]

Inculcate the Art of Managing Personal Finances into a Child



Values, Morals and Discipline are the three other pillars that mould a child’s future along with the pillar of education of course. One main concept that plays a major role in building the foundation for these pillars knowing the value of money and how managing it in the right way makes life a smooth sail. [Read more…]

Sharpen Those Observation Skills


There is a Pandora of things to see smell and hear out there! It is now your turn to channel your child’s immaculate observational skill in the right direction. Get them all set and ready to get on the roller coaster of a ride called the adventure of life. Don’t worry your children are not going to be the only ones having a jolly time!

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Blogathon for Mommy Bloggers


All you moms out there have your trademark recipes with which you cook up a storm every single day for your loved ones. Now it is time for you to do something to treat yourself! Pick up those pens to dish out some ‘one of a kind’ masterpieces instead of the usual pots and pans and make your study your kitchen.

Grace the world with your words of wisdom along with your delicious treats for the tummy. Are you wondering how you are going to do that? Well here is the answer to all your questions. We here at Bril are giving all you moms an opportunity to pen down your thoughts and share them with us for the whole of this month.

Participate in our Blogathon for Mommy Bloggers, and get rewarded for your valuable input on life as a mother in all aspects.

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Things We Can Learn from Our Indian Mythology



The Ramayana is one of the prized possessions of the Indian Mythology and is looked up to not only by followers of Hinduism but also other religions and cultures of the world. It should be our practice to learn from the life lessons this great epic has to offer. In this way you can also inculcate in your children good morals to live life by and educate them about our Indian culture.

Here are a few lessons to live by that the Ramayana has to offer

  1.    Honour Your Word

No matter what the consequences, you must always be true to your word and honour it. For the sake of keeping his word given to Queen Kaikeyi, King Dasharath had no other option but to send his most beloved son Rama on exile, even though it was on wrong her part to ask such a thing of her King. In response to that Rama accepted his fate gladly just for the sake of honouring his father’s word.

  1.    Hear No Evil

One good lesson learnt is that you must never pay any heed to any wrong or evil advice that is given to you. The very fact that Kaikeyi took Manthara’s evil advice and asked those things of King Dasharath, was the sole reason for the death of their king and all the miseries that flooded their lives.

  1.    Never Get Attached

Sita was mesmerised by the beauty of the Golden Deer to such an extent that she pleaded with Rama to get the Deer for her. This attachment gave birth to all the sufferings that she had to go through when she got abducted by Ravana while Rama went to get the Deer. This teaches us that attachment is followed by suffering.

  1.    Always Be Righteous

Lord Rama has always been personified as “Maryada Purushottam”. This means that his every step led him towards being righteous in life. Be it, letting go of his Kingdom to honour his father’s word or forsaking his wife, Sita, only because one of his subjects pointed his finger at her.

  1.    Always Take What is Yours, Nothing Less Nothing More

Bharatha has set the best example for us when it comes to not accepting what is not rightly yours, by not accepting the throne when his brother Rama was sent away in exile by his mother Kaikeyi in an unjust manner. He is considered the noblest character of this particular epic.

  1.    There is No Caste or Creed in Front of the Love for God

There is no such thing as caste and creed in front of God’s eyes. He accepts everyone’s love and devotion equally, this was made clear when Lord Rama happily ate the berries that Sabari had nibbled on, to ensure that her lord gets only the sweetest of the fruits.

  1.    Always protect a Woman’s Honour

When a woman’s honour is at stake. Never think twice to go and save it. We learn this from the noble bird Jatayu who gladly gave up his life trying to save Sita from the evil grasps of Ravana. And to honour this noble deed Lord Rama himself performed all the last rites of this great bird.

  1.    The True Colours of True Dedication

The relationship that Lord Rama has with his passionate Devotee Hanuman has always been glorified and talked about. This pair stands as a living example of true love, devotion and friendship, to such an extent that Hanuman tore open his heart to show that his Lord forever rests in his heart.

  1.    Pride is the Mother of Arrogance

Even though Ravana was blessed with a boon of being immortal by Lord Shiva himself, it was his immense pride that finally led to his death. Hence we learn yet another lesson of humility, when we see that it was Ravana’s brother Vibheeshana who played a key role in his death.

  1.    Your Aim Must Be to Destroy the Demons Within

One of the main and most important lessons that we must take away from this great epic is that we on our own must take the effort to kill all the demons we have within us. The only way to stay on the right path would be to have true love and devotion towards the Lord.

As long as you keep taking notes from these lessons that the Ramayana has to offer, you will be on the right path to leading happier and fulfilled lives.