Has your Child gone Internet Wild?


A recent social media post we received contained a composite image: In the first picture titled ‘Then’ a mother is seen dragging her dirty and badly scratched up young son home from the playground. In the second picture titled ‘Now’ the same mother is throwing her dazed-looking son—who’s mid-air, and still holding on to the joystick of the video game he’d been playing with—out on his ear.

The illustration aptly sums up an everyday situation every parent is faced with—internet addiction in children, especially those in the age group 6-14. Is the situation as bad as it is made out to be or is it an alarmist view of a harmless activity? The opinion is clearly divided right along the centre, and truth—as always—lies somewhere in between.

One school of thought thinks that parents need to seize the raging ‘internet bull’ by its horns before it enters the proverbial china shop. The other opines the benefits of making your kids net-savvy(if they are already not, that is) clearly far outweigh the former view, and it is safe to look the other way—for the time-being at least—and ignore the elephant in the room.

The trouble, however, is that the enforcers are not beyond the obvious charms of the net and routinely commit the ‘crime’ which they are supposed to curb. In other words, parents are as guilty as the children when it comes to unreasonable dependence on gadgets and internet. [Read more…]

How to Help your Kid Develop Social Skills

6th (1)

Most of have gone through those awkward moments in our younger days when a seemingly long-lost uncle came a-visiting and your mum summoned you–from wherever you were taking refuge, having gone through the same routine several times before–to say hello to him.

You muttered under your breath, and proceeded to rack your brain with considerable urgency to search for any helpful information tucked away in the deep confines of your brain that might help you come out with flying colours in the family identification parade.

Your mother beamed at you with obvious pride in the initial stages of the said parade, while the uncle looked reasonably optimistic of you pulling this off. But alas, with each passing non-productive minute, your mother began to turn a delicate shade of purple, while the yet-to-be-identified uncle started mentally rehearsing nice things to say to diffuse the explosive situation.

You might be forgiven for failing to identify a fellow clan member whom you had neither met before in your young life, nor had any intention of meeting in future, if you could help it. Basically, you had no idea about suitable things you should say (or not say) to you uncle.

In your case, you exhibited a behavioural trait that could potentially have turned you into a recluse but for the timely intervention from your parents which helped you shed your dislike for meeting people. However, social awkwardness is a growing source of anxiety in many families.

Let’s see at what age do kids begin to mingle socially. The first indicator is how well the child gets along with other children in the school nursery because children generally get along with each other well and are only too willing to share things with others. [Read more…]

Building Baby’s First Library


Given babies’ exceptional powers of comprehension, what is a good age to introduce them to books, or are they too young for books at this stage? On the contrary, scientists recommend that parents read out aloud to the baby until she is old enough to share the books with them.

The benefits of reading aloud to babies are immense: it teaches the babies to recognise speech patterns, it improves their memory, and it enhances their cognitive thinking skills. Research shows that children exposed to books may outperform those that were not in school.

Reading a book together allows parents to spend quality time with their child, especially in cases where both parents are working professionals. It helps the children to build strong bonds with the parents, and regard family as a support system they can rely on at all times.

What type of books fit the bill? Simple and illustrative books do. But make sure that when you leave the baby alone for a moment or two the kid does not make a meal of the book by chewing it up. You would surely want your baby to digest important topics, wouldn’t you, but not literally! [Read more…]

Republic Day: Celebrating the Constitution of India


The story of India’s independence from the British rule is a story without precedence that demonstrated to the world that adopting a strategy of nonviolence and civil disobedience could prove to be a potent force capable of bringing a mighty empire to its knees.

The newly-gained freedom brought with it its own set of challenges: namely, dealing with the aftermath of the partition of the country, persuading the principalities to join the Union, and unifying diverse groups under a common theme—the idea that we are one nation and one people.

We also needed to frame a constitution based on modern ideas that was capable of delivering justice to all citizens regardless of caste, creed, language, ethnicity or religion as a matter of priority. Our laws until then were based on the modified colonial Government of India Act 1935.

However, our leaders rose to the occasion: A drafting committee was duly appointed to draft a permanent constitution, with Dr B R Ambedkar as chairman. 26 January, 1950 is the day on which India formally adopted the Constitution and is celebrated as Republic Day. [Read more…]

6 things that parents can do to ensure a brighter 2017 for their children


There are many things that we plan for our children but in the everyday rush of doing our daily chores, sometimes those things just remain at the back of our mind. This 2017, let your kids learn something new and experiment with various things in this world.

Here are some things that parents can do to help their kids have an amazing year ahead:

  • Encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities at school

Encourage your kids to register for as many extra-curricular activities as possible in school. Let them explore and see what suits them and what does not. Extra-curricular activities will help in developing the all-round personality of your kids. They will learn to interact with new people and they will also know as to how they can socialize once they step out into the competitive world.

[Read more…]

Studying and Playing – how to strike the balance in your kid’s life


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy – very true indeed. We need our kids to have the perfect balance of studies and play time but these days, with the intervention of technology, balance is a far cry from the truth.

As parents, we need to understand that both playing and studying are an essential part of our children’s lives. Playing develops a sense of social and emotional well-being in them whereas studying develops a sense of confidence and intelligence in them.

Even though it might be a little difficult to achieve a perfect balance between the two, here and some tips and tricks that you could follow to reach as close to that balance as possible: [Read more…]

Nurture the ‘ability to achieve’ in your kids by giving them your quality time


Is your child falling behind in his school these days? Do you think he is unable to achieve his full potential? If you are worried about your children’s progress and want them to achieve more, one of the easiest solutions would be to give them your quality time.

In today’s world, where every parent has their own set of chores, be it inside or outside the house, the kind of time that you spend with your children has a direct impact on their achievements. Parents can help nurture their children’s talents by utilising the time spent with them in an effective way. [Read more…]

Sow, Grow, Learn – A Fun Activity for you and Your Kids


If you observe you will notice that kids love to play in the dirt. Mums will know after all those days of washing muddy clothes. How about you channelize this liking of theirs into something creative and fun?

Get out those gardening tools, put on your gloves, roll up your sleeves and get some dirt into those nails for it’s gardening time! This is a fun way to engage your children in learning about nature, nurturing and nutrition in the most fun way possible.

Here are a few gardening activities for your kids. [Read more…]

How Much is Too Much – Television and Media


We often stop our children from slouching in front of the infamous idiot box. But is it really that bad?

Maybe spending short periods of time either in front of the television or the computer screen is good. Let’s find out how.  

A research study on the said subject shows that media like everything else has its good side and bad side when it comes to development and is inevitable considering the modern world we live in. It’s all about having and maintaining balance.

Moving on to rules for young children. [Read more…]

Autonomy in the Tween and Teen Years – Explained


It has been observed that a child expresses a desire to autonomous at two stages of his life – when he is a toddler and when he enters his years of adolescence. In this article we are going to talk about what autonomy seems like from the tween to the teen years, and how this is in fact a healthy stage which most parents would fear.

It is quite important for a child to learn to be autonomous at the right stages in life so that they go on to lead successful autonomous and individual lives.   [Read more…]