Baby Weaning Recipes For Your Growing Baby

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Switching on to solid foods for your baby? Here are some recipes you could try and make the introduction to food, for your baby, more flavoursome.
Apple Sauce: if you want to try something apart from apple cereal, apple sauce is a good option. Apple being a non-seasonal fruit makes it accessible at all times and is an easy option. Peel the apples, cut them into chunks, place them into a pan of water, enough to make them soft but not soggy. Stir on a medium flame, once they are soft enough mash them thoroughly. To make them more consistent you can use a masher with a little water added. If the pediatrician agrees, you can add cinnamon for taste.

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Benefits Of Growing Up With A Sibling

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There was a time when having more than one baby was the norm and having one baby was more of a concern. But today, with rising inflation, exorbitant costs attached to baby care & education, parents are thinking twice about having more than one child. It may sound like a fair enough reason for rearing a single child, but there many reasons why your child needs to grow up with siblings-here are some:

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Teaching Your Child To Share

Blog - 15th Jan

Is your child possessive about his/her toy or bedsheet? Does he/she throw a tantrum when a friend or sibling plays with his/her toy? Research says that children learn to share at the age of 3, but may take time to adopt the concept. There are ways in which you can encourage the concept of sharing in your little one.

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Tips To Organise Your Child’s Playroom

Blog - 5th Dec

Your child’s play-time might be work time for you.

Cleaning up after your children is a 24/7 job, but if you get a chance to avoid it, you should  take that chance. The playroom is the best place to start with.

Here are some tips to help you keep your child’s toy room organised with minimal efforts:

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How to Handle Twins

Blog How to handle twins _ 30th Oct

Handling Twins can be a handful! This very strong energy and connection which binds twins and emotionally. A connection so strong that, when together they pay no heed to the parents themselves.

And that is why this duo synthesis makes parenting hard.

Here are some tips:

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Get Your Kids To Be Pet-Friendly


Children and pets (mostly dogs & cats) generally have a friendly and loving relationship. Social media is bursting with adorable videos and images which are testimonial to this very special bond. Cuddling, playing, eating, sleeping, and bathing; almost every daily activity is done together and they are inevitably inseparable. But this bond comes with some responsibility after all a pet is an animal and animal instincts are strong and at times unpredictable. Parents must ensure that this relationship grows in a safe & secure environment and both the pet & child cherish these moments for a long time to come.

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Decorate Your House This Diwali With Your Kids!


One of India’s favourite festivals is around the corner. Diwali, the festival of lights, is here and while you are busy shopping for new clothes and sweets to distribute to friends & family, here are some ideas for decorating your house along with your little ones

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Raising children with positive attitude



Parenting, as most of us have had the occasion to find out, is a thankless job. When our kids do well, the world praises them for their achievement. And when they behave badly, well, it is the parents – especially mothers – who get to bear the brunt of criticism.

Kind of makes sense why our mothers tended to be on tenterhooks at social gatherings we were taken to. Kids tend to be a little too gregarious at times and end up being a little too obnoxious and ill-disciplined for the standards set by mothers. While dad soon got engrossed in a conversation on sports or politics, it was left to mother to keep her flock in check.

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Importance of spending quality time with your children


Time and tide wait for no one, they say. Time flies and often makes us wonder whether an hour these days is really made up of as many minutes as it was when we were young. In those days life was a more leisurely affair, and everybody seemed to have time for everyone else.

Alas, that is no longer the case. Our lifestyles and habits have changed beyond recognition, trying to keep pace with life in the fast lane in the modern times.

Five to six days of work a week, and spending Sunday trying to recover from the bruises sustained during the week leaves us with very little time or inclination for social interaction.

We still have exactly the same number of hours made up of exactly the same number of minutes as you had when we were, well, young. But strangely, everyone is pressed for time.

However, when it is time for our children to move out, many of us wonder why we never noticed it. Empty nest syndrome is a fact of life, but dreaded by every parent. Parents are suddenly filled with remorse for not spending enough time with their children.

Why it is important to spend quality time with your children?

Bonding between child and the parents: It is absolutely necessary to provide enough time and attention to this vital aspect of parenting. The bonds that are formed during the formative years remain strong even without physical presence.
Family as support system: Children learn through observation and the importance given by parents to family life will play a major role when it is time for your children to start a family of their own. A healthy society is just an extension of healthy family life.
Reading vital signs in time: Spending quality time with your child will help you notice abrupt behavioral changes that may be early warning signs of some serious condition.
Taking stock: Spending regular time with your kids will help you take stock of your child’s activities, and may be, make a course correction at the right time.
Leaning on each other: A great way to solve a problem is to depend and lean on each other. Knowing that someone is always there for them will make your children take on life boldly and with supreme confidence.

Finally, family life is all about being there for each other, and caring for each other. Spending quality time is a term popular with child psychologists, and social anthropologists, that emphasises the importance of quality over quantity.

The trick therefore is to, not spend a lot of time but enough time that can really make a difference – to the child and to us, the parents.

As they say, it’s not the hours of work that you put in that matter, but it’s really all about the work that you put in those hours.

How to be a more playful parent to your child


There are articles and researches abound on the topic of being a playful parent and how it helps the baby in long term. In this article we aim to provide a bird’s eye view to this theory and demonstrate ways of being a more playful parent to your baby right from infancy!


Join the infants in their world of wonder

Get down on the floor (or the bed) with your infant and join them in their world of discovery. Infants learn through their senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell. Every little thing that we take for granted is a magical discovery for them. Join them in their world for as much time of the day as you can spare and marvel at the little things that your baby finds interesting.

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