Ways to Keep Your Cool When Traveling with Kids

Who wouldn’t love a trip with the family to detour from the mundane routine of busy work life? Traveling with children can be full of twists and turns if you forget to wear your thinking hats while planning and packing. 

It’s a matter of going a step ahead to expect the unexpected. Instead of traveling to a hill station without a nasal drop, have one in your handbag as a precaution. Remember that slowing down a bit is the mantra to enjoy every moment. Here are some ways to stay calm when traveling with kids while inventing your own ways too.

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6 Tips To Help Children Improve Their Concentration

How often have you felt that life has become more of puppetry today? Will you think before you mechanically dance to the tune of the notifications that appear on your smart gadgets? Work, family, or social, our lives have a quiet intruder- DISTRACTION. Troll videos, shorts, reels, friendly messages, memes, ads, office mails, and even breaking news are the nicknames given to the distractions.

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When Should Your Child Get A Mobile

In a world that revolves around gadgets, deciding whether or not to give your child a mobile for personal use could be an ordeal. Heated debates between parents with varied perspectives on the use and usefulness of the device at a young age have not been conclusive enough to make a choice for children.

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5 Best Ways To Adjust When Children Move Out.

To raise a child who’s comfortable enough to leave you means you’ve done your job. They are not ours to keep, but to teach how to soar on their own.

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Parents bring up children, and they bring up their own hopes along- hopes and dreams of children growing up to be responsible individuals. But what remains unforeseen is their flight from the nest they grew up in. 

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7 Tips to Combat Parental Burnout

When we were young, our upbringing looked more like a single person’s responsibility. As men folk earned for the family, our mothers managed home chores and looked after the family(sometimes huge and without complaints). Did we even know if our mothers had bad days, mood swings, or exhaustion? It was rather a mom’s burnout that went unnoticed most of the time.

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Impact Of Online Learning On Teens

What appeared like a smooth autopilot mode during the 2020 academic year entered sudden turbulence with the pandemic playing havoc for nearly 2 consecutive years. Children underwent a quick switch to online education to not lose track of learning. But like every unplanned event, this transition also has its after-effects showing up in students, especially teens.

Let’s look at the impacts of online learning on teens.

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10 Things Fathers Can Do To Support Their Wives During Pregnancy

Wondering what ‘to-be-dads’ have got to do with pregnancy? Gone are the days when pregnancy was a totally ladies’ affair. Today men are more supportive than ever to help their spouses and believe in the power of togetherness in welcoming a new member to their family. For those who consider being an integral part of their wife’s pregnancy, here are 10 things you can do to support them.

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5 Best Reasons To Buy Second-Hand Things for Kids

Hmmm… second-hand things…for kids? It may not sound like a great idea when you first listen to it because your kids are special to you and don’t want to have a used thing for your prince or princess.

But with growing social consciousness and collective effort to reduce carbon footprint and save ecology, people are opting for used things which are affordable and in surprisingly usable conditions. 

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The Pros and Cons Of Posting Photos Of Your Children On Social Media

Children and Social Media- where does the connection ring a bell? Ah! Privacy. Well, privacy matters to adults as well. So how do children being on social media become a matter of concern? Sometimes a cute picture or video can generate many fans. And some may even get viral for reasons unknown to the uploader(at that point). 

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