Simple Diwali Sweets That You Can Prepare With Your Little Ones

Simple Diwali Sweets That You Can Prepare With Your Little Ones

The auspicious festival of firecrackers, spectacular lights, irresistible traditional sweets and gift exchange is just a few weeks far. Diwali is undoubtedly the most awaited festival for everyone.

Be it kids, adults, senior citizens or your pets- everyone cherishes this gleamy time of unlimited sweets and fun gatherings. [Read more…]

How to Teach Healthy Eating Habits to Your Little Ones

How To Teach Healthy Eating Habits To Your Little Ones

Do you have a tuff time while feeding your kids? Showing them an imaginary bird and plane at one point and making small mountains out of the food at another time, the struggle is real. For kids, it is important to eat regular meals to ensure their body gets the energy it needs to perform and grow effectively [Read more…]

How To Handle The Challenge Of Waking Kids Up With Ease

How To Handle The Challenge Of Waking Kids Up With Ease

Did you know studies suggest that children who get enough sleep have good memories and behavior, are healthier and perform better at school? Waking kids up in the morning could be an everyday struggle for parents. And, in the new normal, after months of sleeping late, this struggle could be the toughest one to handle. But by being creative and making this a fun activity, you can make your life easier and overpower this toughest struggle. [Read more…]

Things to Remember When Your Child Begins to Walk

Things To Remember When Your Child Begins To Walk

I recall my mom telling me how she’d tie my ankle to a rope when I had first started walking. She claims that I was a very troublesome kid so tying me was the best option she could think of to keep me from getting hurt.  Just like my mom, every parent tries to do their best when it comes to the safety of their little one. While walking can be super-exciting for the kid because of the newfound mobility and independence; it can be a challenge for the parents to keep their munchkins safe. [Read more…]

9 Yummy Foods For Babies Without Teeth

9 Yummy Foods For Babies Without Teeth

Has your babies’ little tooth started erupting? Are you worried about what it can chew that would also provide the required nutrition?  Experts recommend introducing solid foods to babies around 4-6 months of age. Introducing solid foods has a lot of benefits- it improves baby’s coordination skills and encourages self-feeding. But remember to choose soft items that can be squashed between two fingers. Avoid anything that could lead to choking. Check this curated list of best foods that you can feed babies without teeth: [Read more…]

7 Easy And Healthy Juices You Can Have During Pregnancy

7 Easy And Healthy Juices You Can Have During PregnancyFruits and vegetables are an important part of a pregnancy diet.  And juices made from fresh fruits and veggies could elevate mood, fight anxiety and provide vital nutrition to both mother and baby. Fresh juices also meet the daily fluid requirement of pregnancy. Check this list of 8 super healthy juices that are easy to prepare and are highly nutritious [Read more…]

5 Quick Ways to Calm a Crying Baby


Babies have a limited set of tools to convey their needs and get our response. Crying is one of those tools. Usually, babies cry for as much as two-three hours in a 24-hour period. They may cry for many reasons like- [Read more…]

Oatmeal to Babies the Right Choice for your Baby

Oatmeal to Babies the Right Choice  for your Baby

When your baby touches the mark of six months and is ready to wean, you could be surrounded by questions like

  • What to feed your baby?
  • What has all the required nutrients?
  • What food would contribute to the baby’s overall growth and development?
  • Would it suit the baby?

And the list goes on. Well, the answer to all these questions is Oatmeal. It is packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre, proteins and antioxidants. According to a study, it is the only cereal that least number of children are allergic to. [Read more…]