6 Ways To Avoid Helicopter Parenting

Do you shadow your toddler every time? Direct your child’s behaviour and deny them their alone time? Do you help your high school child with assignments, projects which they can complete on their own? If the answer is yes, you are in helicopter parenting mode.

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5 Ways To Get Your Children To Listen To You

A busy mom’s mobile rings in the morning.

Ring 2- “Please pick up the phone for me”  (Soft voice from the kitchen)

Ring 3- “Rohan, pick up the phone” (Slightly firm voice) 

Ring 4- “Pick up the phone, Rohan!” ( Strict and firm voice)

Ring 5- “Are you deaf? How many times did I ask you to pick up the phone?” (Deafening voice across the kitchen startled Rohan) 

Rohan quickly gets the phone for his mom.

Above is a common scenario where children do not listen to their parents, leaving them exhausted and impatient. With daily chores to sort out on a busy day, parents often forget to speak to their children patiently to do a specific task. If this has been a worry for you, here are some tips to get your children to listen to you.

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Tips to Raise a Responsible Child

Raising responsible children becomes a satisfying and enjoyable experience when parents set aside some time off from their busy schedules. Let’s look at some tips to help you raise responsible children.

Bringing up children is a great responsibility and bringing them up as responsible children is even more important. Children need the right role model at home to be on the right track. 

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Tips to Improve your Children’s Vocabulary

How often did you write dictations during your school days? In a typical Indian context, learning more words in English was considered an achievement. Back in the day, dictation tests offered a way to teach and learn new words. A person with a good vocabulary tends to read more, understand concepts better and their knowledge sharing capacity would be impressive.

However, today children have access to so many different educational resources. Word games, images, videos on Youtube, and animated videos are available at the click of a button. Read on to find out some easy tips to improve your child’s vocabulary.

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9 Yummy Foods For Babies Without Teeth

9 Yummy Foods For Babies Without Teeth

Has your babies’ little tooth started erupting? Are you worried about what it can chew that would also provide the required nutrition?  Experts recommend introducing solid foods to babies around 4-6 months of age. Introducing solid foods has a lot of benefits- it improves baby’s coordination skills and encourages self-feeding. But remember to choose soft items that can be squashed between two fingers. Avoid anything that could lead to choking. Check this curated list of best foods that you can feed babies without teeth: [Read more…]

7 Easy And Healthy Juices You Can Have During Pregnancy

7 Easy And Healthy Juices You Can Have During PregnancyFruits and vegetables are an important part of a pregnancy diet.  And juices made from fresh fruits and veggies could elevate mood, fight anxiety and provide vital nutrition to both mother and baby. Fresh juices also meet the daily fluid requirement of pregnancy. Check this list of 8 super healthy juices that are easy to prepare and are highly nutritious [Read more…]

5 Quick Ways to Calm a Crying Baby


Babies have a limited set of tools to convey their needs and get our response. Crying is one of those tools. Usually, babies cry for as much as two-three hours in a 24-hour period. They may cry for many reasons like- [Read more…]