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7 Self Care Routines For Your Kids

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. 

Katie Reed

Self-care is basic care that you give yourself from the time you wake up till you sleep. It is daily nourishment that keeps you going. When it comes to creating a self-care routine for your children, it is all about what you do.

Initially, children learn self-care routines from adults. As they grow, they learn from their surroundings and friends. Practising self-care at a young age helps them to be independent and be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. 

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5 Tips to Encourage your Children to Study Well

“Study well! Only then will you get a good job when you grow up”. How often did your parents say this to you? And how many of you are still saying this to your children?

Children are a universe of knowledge by themselves. As adults, it’s delightful to come across surprising insights from your young ones when you least expect it. Well, it can be tricky to keep them on the right path.How can you help your children avoid the pressure and unhealthy escape mechanisms? With simple changes in your approach, you can be their best motivators and role models.

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Keeping Your Children Organised

“Keep those toys in the right place,” “Clean your room,” “Eat before you step out,” “Where are your school socks?” Hasshh.. Getting kids organised is a very toilsome task.

While a few kids are naturally organized, for the rest, organization is a skill that needs to be taught and learned over time. But with help of practice, guidance and the right approach, kids can effectively and efficiently get organized and get things done on time.

Here are some simple ways to keep your child organised:

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Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine

With the entire nation under lockdown, the challenges for both parents and kids have now added up. The kids are stuck to mobile, iPad, TV or phone all the time and the parents are trying to make the ends meet by handling work, meals, kids and other numerous activities.

The times are not normal but this too shall pass! But, on the bright side now you can hug and kiss your munchkins any time you wish. No classes, school, outdoor activities- they’re with you for the entire time.

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Tips To Improve Your Kid’s Handwriting

Imagine this, You ask your little one to write what he or she wants as a Birthday present. After some time, your pumpkin comes running to you excitedly saying that the letter is written. You open it to find out some sloppy, messy letters written here and there which are absolutely unreadable.

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DIY Christmas Ideas For Your Little Ones

Christmas is just a few days away! This year, time flew like a bird with a jetpack on its wings.

Now with so much going around the world, one thing that kept us strong was our family and friends. And, to cherish these bonds, we’ve decided to come up with craft ideas that you can create with your little ones to get them all excited and rolling.

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Benefits of Having a Second Child

Benefits of Having a Second Child

As a parent deciding on whether to have a second child there may be numerous questions concerning this decision running through your mind. While on the one hand, the thought of having an addition to your family will be filling you with joy, on the other you will be having your own doubts and concerns. While it is natural to be concerned about the many challenges of raising two children the fact remains that there are also many benefits of having two children. Here we have listed out these benefits which you can [Read more…]

Independent Reading or Being Read To: Why Repetition is Actually Good for Your Kid

Independent Reading or Being Read To: Why Repetition is Actually Good for Your KidWatching the movie ‘Frozen’ for the 100th time? So familiar with Elsa’s dialogues you can reel it off in your sleep? Find yourself humming ‘Let It Go’ so often through the day that you really wish you could let it go? Well, join the club of parents who are used to watching and rewatching, listening and relistening to their kids’ favorite movies and songs respectively.  
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6 Fun Spelling Games and Puzzles for Your Kids

6 Fun Spelling Games and Puzzles for Your Kids

Wondering how to keep your kids entertained within the confines of the house, while also being concerned about them losing touch with their learning schedules? Well, spelling games are the answer to both your concerns, for not only do your kids get to enjoy spending time with the entire family when playing these games but also end up improving their vocabulary and [Read more…]

5 Fun Indoor Activities for Your Preschooler

5 Fun Indoor Activities for Your Preschooler With the lock down extension, the foremost question for you as a parent (especially of a preschooler) will be ‘How do I keep my child occupied?’ Children are always full of energy and being stuck indoors will be making them feel bored and unhappy. It is important to [Read more…]