Must Have Baby Products

AC: check, cooler: check, fresh juices: check, tonnes of water: check, cooling powders: check, cotton clothing: check!! Prepping up for summers is a no-brainer for adults but when it comes to our little ones we might have to go a step ahead to protect those rosy smooth cheeks from the scorching heat.

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Apple for Kids: 8 Fun Facts and Health Benefits


‘Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.’ This quote by Henry David Thoreau is such an apt description for this amazing fruit packed full of flavour and goodness.  Apples, available in a wide range of varieties, colours and flavours (ranging from sweet to tart) are considered one of the healthiest and most popular fruits on earth. Their health benefits make them especially popular (universally) as a source of nutrients for children of all age groups.   [Read more…]

5 Fun Home Based Activities for Your Kids


20thAre you racking your brains on how to keep your kids entertained during this enforced school break? With outings to the local park, playground, malls etc also out of the question, it is necessary to look at options to keep them entertained either [Read more…]

Pros And Cons Of Bringing Up Your Child In A Joint Family

Pros And Cons Of Bringing Up Your Child In A Joint Family

There was a time when going home meant going to a mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, and some more uncles, some more aunts, some more cousins and the list is never-ending. But today, a child goes home to a mother, a father may be a sister or brother. Nuclear families are the new family life, compact, practical & dynamic.

So what are the pros and cons of growing in a joint family

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Top 5 Car Games To Play With Kids


Family road trips are fun no doubt but when you take more time than expected to reach your destination, little ones start getting restless. So here are some car games to keep them engaged!

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The Best Summer Food & Beverages For Your Kids

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Is your child getting unusually cranky at the dinner table? Finding it difficult to get them to eat food which they otherwise gobble up? What do you think could be the reason for this sudden fall in appetite?
It is the summer heat! It is the season when they expel more energy than their body has and are invariably dehydrated due to excess sweating.

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The importance of a family holiday

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A holiday is a break from routine. It’s a break from everyday life and everyday you! It gets you to indulge in things that you don’t otherwise indulge in and is the time you can explore yourself.

Learning a new language, taking up a new hobby or getting adventurous at sea or in the mountains!

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How To Keep Children Busy During Summer Holidays


Some of our best childhood memories are from our summer vacations. Fingers digging into mangoes, playing in our grandmother’s courtyard, learning to swim in the well at our ancestral village; and many more such timeless moments which stay with us forever make summer holidays a special time of the year.

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How Can Parents Help Children Deal With Exam Results


While children scurry off for their holidays after every exam, there is still a nervous anticipation that lingers on every child and parent’s mind. How much will i/my son/daughter score?

Exams can be stressful and the results even more stressful; but if the parents want they can really try and put their mind and their child’s mind at ease.

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How To Get Your Children To Follow Screen Time

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Parenting has been a constantly evolving process. Every subsequent generation has different ideas about parenting which, generally almost always, is frowned upon by the previous generation.  Especially in India, where parents play an important role as advisors to their children about parenting, it is hard not to be influenced. But things are changing and young parents are finding their own methods and techniques.

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